Thank You to the Community for Continued Support!

Volunteer Opportunities

Applicants with interest to volunteer with PCFD 13 should submit a written application. To learn more about department needs please contact us at (253) 952-4776

Administration & Support

Volunteers can support the staff with public information for prevention, provide refreshments, logistical support, deliver support vehicles, emergency lighting, equipment and supplies, and more! To determine your qualifications and department needs contact Chief Jim Wassall.

Firefighters & EMTs

Persons interested in applying for a position with PCFD 13 should first verify they meet the minimum requirements including licensing, training and driving records.


  • 18 years old, high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to read and write English fluently.
  • Valid Washington state drivers license with no moving violations or outstanding tickets.
  • No criminal record.
  • Successful completion of a public safety first aid and a Health Care Provider level CPR course.
  • Washington State EMT course completion is required to apply for an EMS position, but it is not required to apply for a firefighter position.

Applicants who have an EMT certification in another state and wish to apply please contact us to discuss options. If you meet the minimum requirements, we encourage applicants to complete a pre-application information sheet. This may be submitted in person or via email.

Once your pre-application information sheet has been submitted to Fire Chief Jim Wassall you may call or email to make an appointment for an initial screening interview with the Fire Chief or an appointed department officer. Applicants also have the option to come in between the hours 0800 and 1630 for an unscheduled appointment. Though our district is staffed 24 hours a day we are often away from the station on business or an emergency call. If, after the interview, the department is interested in having you as an applicant you will be given a department application. You should complete this application at your earliest convenience and either return it to the station or mail it to the headquarters address.

Applicants who have already passed a Washington State approved EMT course have the option to apply to our EMS program. We use our EMS only staff to supplemental our aid responses and to work in support of our firefighters. All of our prerequisites still apply to these positions. The application process is no different then applying for fire, however, there is no academy after your conditional offer. If an applicant is given an offer the department will sponsor your EMT allowing you to become state certified. Those who are hired on as EMS personnel are often offered the opportunity to attend our next fire academy should they wish to do so.

Once a pool of applicants has been established, testing and interviews will be initiated. You will be contacted with the opportunity to take a written test and sit for an oral board with a panel of firefighters and officers. After this part of the process, applicants will be contacted with either a notification that you will not continue or a conditional offer of employment. If the latter, you will be notified of your start date and what will be required of you.

Submit your statement of interest here.